2020 Learning Trends Report

The 2020 Learning Trends Report

Thank you to everyone who recently participated in our 2020 Learning Trends Survey. We had 131 respondents from a wide variety of industries and many thoughtful responses to the open-ended questions.

We used the survey results to create our 2020 Learning Trends Report. This year’s report goes beyond sharing learning trends data as it has in the past by also exploring the overlap between problems and solutions. It encourages you to consider your ogranization’s challenges and strategies as the lens by which you evaluate the value and need for emerging solutions, such as AR, VR, or personalized learning fueled by AI.

TiER1ers, Sharon Boller and Joe Jahnigen, summarize the results and share their analysis of the data. You can access the report here.

Sharon and Joe discussed the results even further in our webinar, Beyond the Hype: A Closer Look at 2020 Learning Trends, which was held on April 16th. You can view a recording of the webinar here. 

About the Learning Trends Report

To gather our data, we sent a 15-question survey to TiER1 clients and other learning professionals who subscribe to our newsletter. We also posted a link to the survey on LinkedIn and Twitter. The survey was open from 12/4/2019 to 1/10/2020 and had 131 responses. When appropriate, we compare the results to our 2016-2019 reports. (Prior reports were published by Bottom-Line Performance, Inc, which was acquired by TiER1 Performance in August 2019).

While some survey questions were open-ended, most were “select all that apply.” For any openended questions, we took the raw responses and put them into meaningful categories that emerged based on the responses given. If respondents said both “stakeholders” and “lack of time for training” were holding them back, we counted this as one response in each category.

In addition to the 10 questions we’ve asked in previous years, we’ve added five questions to this year’s survey. These five questions relate to how well L&D professionals are partnering with the business and aligning solutions to the business’s strategy.

As the chart shows, people from a wide array of industries responded to our report:

2020 learning trends
More than 47% of respondents were at the manager, director, or VP level in their organization, and most are in roles directly related to training, talent, or learning. Nearly 50% of respondents were instructional designers or trainers. The remainder of respondents consider themselves consultants or external training vendors.

2020 learning trends

What’s in the Report

We asked survey participants 15 questions:

  1. How often do you include target learners in your training DESIGN process?
  2. When you include target learners in the training design process, which of the following methods do you use?
  3. How often do you include target learners in your training DEVELOPMENT process?
  4. When you include target learners in the training development process, which of the following activities do they participate in?
  5. What methods will you (or your organization) use to deliver training in 2020?
  6. What learning trend(s) or new training delivery method(s) are you most excited about for 2020?
  7. What knowledge and/or skills do your target learners need to have to be successful in their jobs?
  8. What challenges do YOUR LEARNERS face that makes it difficult for them to build the knowledge/skills they need to be successful?
  9. What challenges do YOU face when you try to help these learners build the necessary knowledge/skills?
  10. If you could improve one thing about learning & development and/or training at your organization in 2020, what would it be?
  11. What are the organizational opportunities that create your highest demand for learning & development?
  12. Overall, how would you rate your typical relationship with your average business sponsor?
  13. On average, how aligned are your learning & development efforts with your organization’s overall strategic initiatives?
  14. How successful would you consider your 2019 learning & development efforts?
  15. What are the key factors that determine whether your learning & development efforts will be successful within your organization or not?

Click Here to View the 2020 Learning Trends Report

2020 learning trends

Click Here to Watch the 2020 Learning Trends Webinar

Want to learn more? View our webinar, Beyond the Hype: A Closer Look at 2020 Learning Trends, hosted by TiER1ers Sharon Boller, Joe Jahnigen, and Sarah Ehrnschwender.

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