Innovative Strategic Change

Innovative Strategic Change

Innovative Strategic Change:

Ready for innovation? This enterprise is.

A global consumer packaged goods manufacturer for some of the world’s most trusted brands is reinventing how they innovate by focusing on connections throughout a product’s lifecycle and to the consumer.

Here’s how.


The Challenge

A Fortune 50 company (and long-time client of TiER1’s) wanted to stay on the cutting edge of consumer products. To enable accelerated learning and breakthrough innovation, they needed to make sure the right people had the right data at the right time to connect consumers with the right products. This required the introduction of new systems, work processes, and technologies throughout their Research & Development (R&D) organization. Altogether, the change would impact more than 70,000 R&D and product supply employees. In addition to new systems and processes, the data-capturing system would be phased out, meaning a new product lifecycle management system and other systems would be introduced.


The Solution

The challenge to change for innovation’s sake called for an innovative solution. Because of our close collaboration with this client, TiER1 began partnering on the adoption effort during the discovery phase. From there, we developed a user readiness plan as well as providing recommendations and solutions for improving communication, learning, and engagement strategies.

The second phase of work focused on deploying the initiative and fostering adoption among the organization’s many business sectors. This included an integrated organizational change management plan that aligned with the stage-gate process. We also developed a roadmap for long-term sustainment of adoption for the transformation. The third phase of work, which is currently ongoing, includes the execution of the final wave of the change plan to support the technology implementations scheduled to go live next year.

In addition to designing and developing the change adoption strategy, TiER1 created an overall communication strategy that included developing a multi-channel toolkit to allow internal customization to be defined by individual business units. We also helped craft technical standards, governance, and best practices for content development, particularly for performance support.

Speaking of performance, we also delivered a digital performance support system that provides program- and phase-specific training, reference, and support throughout the change. And our client is equipped with an arsenal of tools, templates, and resources that they can continue to leverage in the future.


The Result: Change Readiness

The success of this multi-year initiative depended on enterprise-wide adoption of a new way of doing business. This innovative solution was designed to drive engagement and user readiness, and it is delivering. The multi-faceted approach is empowering employees to embrace and help drive the change; follow new processes, policies, and procedures; and embrace a new culture and operating model. Based on the response of employees, 100% of those surveyed indicated that they were ready and engaged with the change. This initiative isn’t just about innovation; it’s about our client empowering their people to embrace the change.

Our client knew that partnering early with the right expert could bring exponential value throughout the initiative. That’s why they engaged TiER1 early on. No matter where you are in evolving your organization, we can bring value. Let’s talk.

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