Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development Program:

This talent development curriculum reaped dividends

After fifty years as one of the most esteemed corporate management training programs in the country, this global industrial company partnered with TiER1 to innovate their financial management program into a more agile, engaging, and effective experience to ensure a positive ROI.

Here’s how.


The Challenge

A Fortune 15 company needed to transform their financial management leadership development program to maintain the program’s commitment to excellence. Widely considered a premier program, it was the first step in the careers of many successful leaders within the organization. However, the 16-week format included eLearning modules that were 2-3 hours in length, linear in delivery, and primarily non-interactive. It also included classroom and conference call experiences that were no longer meeting the needs for peer and cohort learning. The program focused mainly on traditional classroom testing to evaluate participant learning, with little emphasis given to on-the-job rotational performance measurement. Our client wanted to accelerate the program with a 10-week format that fostered a flexible and engaging way for the new generation of leaders to learn fundamental financial and business knowledge—all while building peer relationships that are critical for employee engagement and retention.


The Solution

After providing a series of recommendations, we took initial steps to digitize the program while maintaining the program’s core curriculum. Our team partnered to incorporate feedback from end-user, subject-matter experts, and stakeholders to develop the curriculum of 30+ topic-based learning activities. We categorized content topics by priority and delivered those topics via a hybrid (or blended) learning program that included higher fidelity eLearning and flash card exercises with topic-based print reference guides. The program also included dedicated classroom time designed to foster peer relationships. And while we incorporated the same assessments that participants were expected to pass originally, we built in emphasized time for cohorts to meet early in the program to build relationships. The digital aspects of the solution met all technology requirements, which included being SCORM compliant and integrated with the existing LMS.


The Results

Our client successfully piloted the program globally. Not only was participant feedback positive, the program sparked team collaboration among participants after program completion. In addition, participants demonstrated the identified financial competencies in the real world of their work setting as well as critical thinking workshops. TiER1 is excited to continue to work with this client to further enhance their global program with innovative learning concepts that better equip participants for a successful and rewarding career as a leader. The organization and participants alike agreed that this was an investment that reaped dividends.

Our client had a great program that they needed to make even greater to meet the demands and needs of the future. Because TiER1 meets clients where they are to help them get to where they want to be, we were able to help our client transform their esteemed leadership program. Struggling to get where you want to be with talent development? We can help with that. Let’s talk!

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