Meet the Team:

Our potential lies
with these people.

We have a saying around here: At TiER1 we bring our whole selves. That means with our coworkers and our clients, we are transparent and authentic. We share our humor, strengths, interests, passions, and our quirkiness. Turns out, everybody is interesting if you get to know them well enough.

Within our ranks you'll find an extra in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, a former Kings Island poster child, and the author of a book comparing organizations to motorcycles. You'll find marathoners and mountain climbers, band members and theater performers. Individually, we hold our own at cocktail parties and icebreaking exercises. But, the truth is, we're even better in teams. Our strength lies in the cross-discipline collaboration that's a hallmark of our process and our culture.

Here's a chance to get to know us. Click on the TiER1ers below to meet our talented, creative, impressive, and occasionally fascinating high-performers.

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