Harrison Withers

Principal Consultant & Employee Owner

Harrison Withers

Alma Mater
Michigan Technological University

What He’s Passionate About

Performance improvement and employee engagement.

Professional Experience

Harrison has 20 years of experience in the performance improvement space including managing learning and development activities from both a corporate and consulting perspective. He is a specialist in leveraging technology to support user-centered experiential learning design. Learning-focused portals, mobile, and SharePoint are just a few of the technologies in which he specializes.

A consummate problem solver, Harrison has a particular passion for routing through distracters to discover the true causation of performance deficiencies while adding clarity to behavior-based and financial performance objectives.

His Street Cred

Harrison is a published author of the book, Organization Horsepower. He is an active Twitter user and blogger on the intersection of people, process, and technology. His writings include in-depth perspectives on measurement, use of social media in business, knowledge management, and the proliferation of mobile technology. An often requested speaker, Harrison has spoken at dozens of events as far away as South Africa on topics including hospitality technology,  SharePoint, and interface and user experience design.

Making an Impact

Through years of industry experience, Harrison has assembled and maintains an active network that includes thought leaders from industry, performance, human resources, and learning segments. He is constantly sourcing and sharing ideas to insure the interventions he develops for his clients are cutting edge, relevant, and best-in-class.

He’s Not All Business

Races motorcycles.
Plays ice hockey (position: goalie).
Races paddleboards.
Builds guitars.