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TiER1’s mission is to improve organizations through the performance of people to build a better world. We wake up every morning ready to tackle big challenges, so that more people can do the amazing work they are meant to do. When they contribute more, stretch their talents, and free themselves of workplace limits, a remarkable thing happens—they become happier and more fulfilled. And that means they reduce stress, create healthier relationships, and simply find more joy. Every day we’re in business, we really are building a better world.

Our purpose is to help people do their best work—that’s the lens we wear every day. As an employee-owned firm, we apply that to our client organizations, their people, and ourselves. And to do that, we embrace our core values: High Performance, Relationships, Initiative, Accountability, Value, AND Fun.

This is what we believe.

We believe organizations exist to serve people,
not the other way around. The purpose of an organization
is to create Value.

We believe in trust.
Both in being trustworthy and in the
expectation of being trusting.

We believe that the potential of organizations
is rooted in the potential of people. By unleashing
the best of both, we will change the world.

We believe in the use of principles
and values to help people make decisions
that align with where we are headed.

We believe in long-term success—in the way we design solutions and in how we operate our organization.

We believe that sharing our talent directly with our communities is valuable for all of us.

We believe in transparency—as TiER1 owners and as client consultants.


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