A Commitment to Give

A Commitment to Give

At TiER1, creating a positive impact on the community has been a part of our DNA from the day we were founded (flashback to a one-room shared office with limited resources, and it was still important). Over the years, this impact has occurred through employee service time off, an extensive commitment to mental health, community fundraising events like The Scurry, and monetary contributions to many causes throughout our regions.

Through all of this, one of the things we’ve found is that we can create the most significant impact through the contribution of our talents. That’s why we want to do more of that by increasing the number of social impact projects we undertake each year.

What’s a social impact project?

A social impact project is a project that brings the vast array of TiER1’s talents and skills to non-profit organizations in the regions in which we work. Projects best suited for our services are those that allow the organization to bring their strategy to life through people. This could look like a volunteer engagement and training solution or change and communication strategies and deliverables. The options are vast. Typically they will require under 500 hours of work to reach impactful deliverables. To subsidize these projects, TiER1 offers application-based grants that can cover 50% or more of the total project investment.

Who qualifies?

Any social service non-profit is eligible to apply for the discount. Applications aligned with mental health and/or education in the regions where TiER1ers are located will be given priority.

How do we apply?

To apply, reach out via the “Let’s Talk!” form below. Our GiVE Service Board will contact you, discuss eligibility and fit, and work through the application process with you.

We believe service is core to our mission to improve organizations through the performance of people to build a better world. We’re thrilled to align that with our core strength to further impact the lives of those around us.

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