Talent Development

Talent Development

When patient care depends on
high-performing people.

Imagine bold, optimistic energy alive across your whole organization. We’ll help you build a workforce of high-performers—people who continually connect with your mission, go above and beyond for your patients, and surpass your business goals. This is about attracting, hiring, retaining, and developing your people through powerful experiences, systems, and processes that empower their best performance and ensure patient safety. Your people will build your future; this is how you strengthen them for the task.

How we set talent development in motion

Learning and Development

The growth of your people is critical. We aim for truly engaged learners. Half the battle is helping employees understand why training matters, and what value it adds both to their employment and to the larger organization. We are committed to creating engaging and effective training experiences, whether it’s related to safety, hazardous materials, or a software application.

Learning can take many forms. From in-person to online training, from micro-learning to a hands-on experience, we find the right format and platform for the situation at hand. We can help you address whatever your learning & development needs are, including competencies, compliance, ethics, and new systems. With continuously evolving regulatory requirements, accreditation standards, and new evidence-based leading practices, our Agile process for development can create custom training with a quick turnaround. (And our people take pride in building compliance training that isn’t boring.)

By providing greater meaning and context to learning and development in the healthcare space, your captive audience will have a more engaging learning experience. Whether they’re new to a role or getting up to speed on a new system, your people will walk away with a greater understanding of who the organization is and how their actions will impact the business.

Performance Management

Hoping for higher performance? More prepared managers? Clearer results from your efforts? Few processes seem less energizing than performance management. But we’ve earned our stripes streamlining forms and processes, optimizing performance management systems, and aligning them with employee management systems. Our hearts truly get pumping when we bring it all back to your people.

We know that human performance depends on human interactions—and that’s where we specialize. We help managers and employees engage in productive dialogue, discussing realistic goals and challenges within a “manager as coach” relationship. (Because no one has time for a snooze fest.) We optimize review and evaluation processes to be positive, ongoing conversations that create energy and produce positive and observable outcomes.

When we help healthcare organizations re-envision performance management in these terms, it has a powerful effect on individual performance—and an ongoing impact on overall talent development.

Capability Development

Want your workforce to show rock-solid knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors? With capability development, we strengthen your people’s proficiency by aligning their personal development to the capabilities that have the most impact on your business strategy. It starts with clearly defined roles, followed with an agile, effective competency model that hinges on a holistic approach.

To deliver it, we leverage the latest science on adult learning. Focusing on the performer, we help hospitals and healthcare organizations develop engaging experiences that are in context with the business—intuitive, and digestible.

With a framework built on technology, relationships, and your culture, our curriculum brings out the strengths and talents of your people. When you consistently offer high-quality capability development opportunities, you’ll support the targeted progression of your employees—from new hire to seasoned mentors and leaders.

Knowledge Management and Performance Support

You need efficient handling of information and resources within your hospital to help knowledge flow to and between the right people. We offer an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of your organization’s information assets—from tracking compliance to making sure your employees can find the information they need, when they need it.

We can leverage the technology you already have in place, integrate with SharePoint, or help you find a solution that makes sense. You’ll benefit from custom portals and dashboards that empower individual employees to have full visibility of the information and learning paths applicable to their role, while also allowing HR and Learning and Development to track progression.

Ready to advance the impact of your people? We’ll help you build a high-performing workforce with the mindsets, behaviors, and capabilities required to meet your healthcare organization’s clinical and operational goals.