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You’ve accomplished amazing things to get to where you are today. But you also know that growth doesn’t happen without change. The leadership style and skills that brought you to this point may not take you where you want to go. That’s where Mercury can help. We partner to identify and overcome the barriers, beliefs, and skill gaps that keep your innermost circle from reaching the goals you’ve set for yourselves. You have the potential to go further faster—and in a sustainable way. So, when the heat is on, let Mercury advisors help you rise.

Who we are

A subsidiary of TiER1 Performance Solutions, Mercury is an alliance of some of the best and brightest executive coaches, advisors, and leadership consultants we’ve come to know. They are uniquely equipped to provide the individual guidance and navigation that growing businesses require yet often have a difficult time finding. Regardless of the size of the need, Mercury advisors are available to support you in your journey.

The services we offer

Executive coaching

Culture diagnostics

Leadership team facilitation

Senior leader support

Strategy facilitation

Strategic program management

Team development

Transition coaching

We’d love to help your organization.

If you want to learn more, let us know how we can reach you in the form below or give us a call at (859) 415-1000.

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Some of the tools we leverage

Mercury advisors use a suite of tools to navigate and inform your path forward:

Barrett Values

This diagnostic tool from Barrett Values Centre helps measure and manage organizational culture, values, and beliefs. It provides insights about your people and how to engage them.

Learn more.

Strengths Finder

Using the Gallup Strengths Center resources, we advocate a strengths-based approach to performance improvement, so we’re all-in on this assessment that builds on individual strengths.

Learn more.


This framework is for creating and sustaining a culture of coaching across your organization. Its customizable modules create versatility in skill development and delivery.

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The DiSC assessment provides a common language for team members to understand their individual styles and how they can leverage them to adapt to each other.

Learn more.

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