Change Management

Change Management:

Keeping things
as you’re
shaking them up.

If you’ve got a project, you’ve got change. That means your achievement depends on so much more than your project plan. It hinges on moving the human side of the organization: your people, culture, values, and behaviors. For your workforce, activating your initiative is like building a ship while you’re trying to sail it. (We’ve never actually built a boat at sea, but we hear it’s tough.) We look at projects through their eyes, then design an empathic strategy to inform, engage, prepare, and support them through your transition.

including but never
limited to:


Impact Analysis

We start by uncovering the specific ways your upcoming change project will impact your people, including some you may not be expecting. We break this down by role, or job function, so that we can understand at a very personal level exactly how the day-to-day responsibilities of your people will be different in the future.


Change Strategy

Change is hard. For real. It requires preparation, commitment, and encouragement. With our TiER1 Change Methodology, we’ll custom-craft your change strategy to prepare your business, build knowledge, target skill gaps, and engage your people emotionally, so they adopt and sustain the change that needs to happen.


Organizational Alignment

We apply our expertise in organizational behavior, organizational design, and sociotechnical systems to develop a people-centered, end-to-end solution that aligns your business to the upcoming change. It includes organizing resources, reducing risk and inefficiency, and achieving leadership buy-in so that you realize your performance goals.



Sociomaps provide a 3D visual representation of the alignment, communication, and cooperation among team members, so you’ll instantly see where change can have the biggest impact. We help teams explore and address frequency and quality of communication, knowledge sharing, importance of company values, and team alignment.


Champion Networks

Change happens best when it is led and supported by peers. We’ll help you rally, equip, and engage a select group to champion your change initiative. With the right support, they’ll communicate about the project and train others on new processes. Their enthusiasm and project knowledge will reassure your people and help smooth your transition.



We’ll offer you best practices for supporting business-wide adoption and sustainment of your change. Our Adoptify gaming platform turns change into a fun, team-based competition. Combining behavioral science with social game mechanics, it’s so enticing, you almost can’t resist participating. Adoption simply follows.