Your people
are our heroes.

Need your people to execute a big project or think differently about your business? Then you’ve got a story to tell… and a value proposition to sell. Communicating like marketers, we’ll elevate internal messaging to an agency level usually reserved for external audiences. In storytelling terms, your people are about to embark on a heroic journey. We’ll help you light their way by providing clarity on where they’re going and how they’re going to get there.

including but never
limited to:


Audience Analysis

Through interviews or surveys we’ll get to know your people, identifying their communication preferences and challenges while getting a sense of their daily work experiences. Segmenting and analyzing their responses, we’ll develop the right tone, language, and messaging to meet your folks where they are…and to take them where they need to go.


Strategy and Plan

Like a publisher’s editorial calendar, we’ll develop a comprehensive schedule of messaging for your project. This is where we get tactical, noting who will do what by when to successfully deliver each captivating, impactful message. Just as important, we’ll include communications objectives, so everyone is aligned to the results we are pursuing.


Story Crafting

To find your project’s name and narrative, we’ll walk you through a creative, collaborative experience that combines brainstorming and branding. We’ll surface the heartbeat of your story by exploring the “why” behind your organizational plans. This will help us strategize the cadence, timing, and objectives for a series of powerful communications that keep your people connected to this purpose, while providing information, motivation, and how-to tools.


Channel Mapping

It’s not just what you say, it’s how you deliver it. We’ll examine all the ways your people currently receive information and a few new options you may not have considered. From email and intranet to manager conversations and mobile apps, we’ll evaluate channel effectiveness to develop a communications plan that’s on-target for your environment.


Content Development

We don’t just strategize. Using brand-right tone, voice, and story, we’ll draft any and all of your deliverables. Our writers happily produce video scripts, PPT decks, manager talking points, emails, infographics, ads, articles, posters, and more. And we’ll develop repeatable templates so your team can create and deliver communications independently.


Execution and Results

A good campaign takes a well-orchestrated team and a steady rhythm that not only deliver on the campaign promise, but also track the effort along the way. We’ll evaluate the communication effectiveness against the organizational objectives and flex where needed. And we’ll teach your team how to sustain momentum after our time with you.