Sexy and smart
is a
winning combination.

Brain science tells us that we’re all “visually wired”—that, when it comes to making an impact, words alone just don’t cut it. To grasp meaning, people respond to story and imagery. We built TiER1’s internal design agency knowing that our clients’ ideas need to be more than presented; they need to be understood. Treating your employees as the valuable customers they are, we deliver messages that use sexy marketing tactics, compelling visuals, and smart, strategic design.

including but never
limited to:


Visual Articulation

At the core of everything we create is the visual articulation of a concept…breathing life into story and capturing it in simple, meaningful ways. For you, that could result in compelling PowerPoint presentations, infographics, corporate journey maps, and performer-centered experience maps. Through it all, we make complex concepts clear, engaging, and digestible.


Branding & Identity

Whether it’s an internal department, service, or significant change initiative, we help you extend your brand to and through your people. We collaborate with communications gurus (from your team and/or ours) in the development of everything from a name and corresponding logo, to a narrative and its visual expression.



When a message requires an emotional connection with your audience, video is an ideal medium. We scale solutions from simple and accessible iPhone shoots to full-scale “Hollywood” production based on the specific need, while weaving personal and compelling narratives with our story-based editing.


Animation & Motion Graphics

The power of video in storytelling is unquestionable. But live video isn’t always the answer. That’s when we use animation and motion graphic design to help simplify complex concepts and bring compelling stories to life.



A great narrator brings a story to life through tonality and inflection. Whether incorporating a well-known voice from a client organization, working with a seasoned vocal artist, or accessing our own in-house talent, we channel our inner Morgan Freeman to develop powerful narratives to complement our videos, motion graphics, and eLearning solutions.


Interface Design

As workspaces become increasingly mobile, users are accessing content from multiple digital devices. From learning and experience portals to CMS front-ends, we work with our technology experts to design interfaces and experiences that engage the user—allowing them to access information in the way they want, where they want it.



Despite the intense digital landscape of today’s world, nothing compares to the printed piece when it comes to tactile engagement. From course guides and job aids to environmental design elements such as posters and table tents, we design and develop memorable printed pieces that enhance your brand experience.

Instructional Media

From interactive assessments to instructor-led videos, we’re a one-stop shop for media assets that are engaging, interactive, and highly valuable to your learners and their development.