Digital tools that
touch analog hearts.

You might not guess that a “people company” could be so techy, but we’ve got some serious cred in this area. Since our inception, we’ve used technology to help organizations create environments that meet people where they are—guiding them through new concepts and experiences, supporting them with just-in-time tools, and connecting them to peers and mentors. Our secret sauce? All of our technology solutions are really performance solutions developed with people in mind.

including but never
limited to:


eLearning Development

Whether it’s a highly customized, interactive experience, or a templatized approach for building and maintaining content in standard authoring tools, we create eLearning that’s effective and engaging.


Mobile App Creation

Just because content is available on a mobile device doesn’t make it a truly mobile solution. We design and develop apps that provide accessible content with personalized context. They bridge the gap between formal learning and on-the-job performance.


Web Portal Implementation

Content is great, but context is king—from helping people find what they need when they need it, to guiding and connecting learners through experiences. We can leverage your existing infrastructure such as SharePoint or create a hosted web solution where we manage support.


Simulation Development

The ability to practice skills in a simulated environment allows performers to transfer those skills more easily. Add in exploratory simulations and learners can test strategies and outcomes during training—instead of on the job.


Technology Strategy

Have an idea of what you want to achieve, but don’t know the right technology approach to get there? We can help. We’ve worked with cutting-edge research organizations and resource-constrained growing businesses to develop a technology vision and a path to get there.