Our Science

Behind all this passion,
there’s some serious
science going on.

Behind every performer and every solution, there’s a scientific principle that will dictate certain responses. Leveraging that knowledge to our advantage allows us to create solutions that work. We’re not focused on delivering the flashiest design. We’re not focused on building the most luxurious portal. We’re focused on creating the solution that evokes the best performance of people. That’s what we call trendy around here.

The science
behind our work.


Performance Principles

We don’t just learn about performance principles. We apply them. Here’s a sampling of the principles that guide our work…and the books behind them.

Check them out.


Our Book

People are really complex. And we’re hard-wired so change is difficult. We were so fascinated with how to change the brain that we wrote a book about it.

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We’ve got a lot of innovative ideas and some pretty smart people to study them. Check out our portfolio of federally-funded research grants.

You’ll find them here.