Our Book

The Social Cognitive Neuroscience
of Leading Organizational Change

by Rob Snyder, PhD, Senior Neuroscience Advisor at TiER1
with contributions from the TiER1 Change Management Team

It’s a big title.

But when it comes to impacting people—their engagement, productivity, and overall “work happiness”—it’s no small task. We are so interested in how people change that we dove into the science of it with the impressive Robert Snyder, PhD, an expert in organizational psychology and TiER1’s Senior Neuroscience Advisor.

We know that strategic, organizational change actually happens at the individual level, by impacting people’s emotions and personal behavior. It’s about changing business processes and changing minds. That means the success of any strategic project, no matter how complex, hinges on one thing: your people.

Our people-centric view shows in TiER1’s unique Strategic Change Methodology. And this book goes in depth into the science behind that methodology.

From Chapter 5: “Most successful enterprise-wide organizational changes are given shape and form by a change management model of some sort. The characteristics of the models that are well-regarded and used widely vary greatly. Some are academic in origin… others have been cultivated in the course of consulting practice… some are quite complicated… while many are relatively simplistic.”

However, ours is one of only an exclusive few that have been fully informed by the latest insights garnered through social cognitive neuroscience.

We got the thumbs up…

The TiER1 Change Methodology has proven real results, with clients raving about high adoption rates and employee engagement, not to mention minimal productivity dips.

“Leading and embracing change is the new currency in today’s business environment and the competitive differentiator in becoming a sustainable and relevant, high-performing organization. The practical insights provided in this wonderful book provide a North Star compass to continued success.” – Tim Massa, Chief Human Resources and Labor Relations Officer, The Kroger Co.

“TiER1’s approach to changing the performance of people sets them apart from the competition and it shows in their results. This books explains why.” – Christy Godden, Vice President, Learning and Development, Macy’s

“No matter what you think you know about managing change, this book has something to teach you.” – Charles S. Raben, Ph.D., Founder, Raben Consulting

How to find the book:

Apply this science to your change.

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