Performance Principles

Performance Principles:

We’re pickin’
up good vibrations.

It’s great to read about a concept. It’s another thing entirely to embed that idea into actionable, tangible deliverables that impact the way you operate and serve clients. But at TiER1, that’s what we do. For those of you who are nonfiction addicts like us, we thought you’d enjoy reading some of the principles and theories that are at the foundation of the work we do. They reflect who we are, how we work, and what’s on our minds.


Experience Driven

Performance at the moment of truth is what matters. Creating an experience to make that happen is how we help people behave and act differently for the right reasons.


Leader Led

Leadership matters. By empowering leadership behaviors at all levels of the organization, we help individuals influence and define a reality aligned with the organization’s desired state.


Strengths Based

We start with what you’re good at and what makes your people feel strong. That builds momentum and positive ROI, so it’s a win-win.


Brain Focused

We often say people are complex and messy. While that’s true, our brains process information in fairly predictable ways. By leveraging how the brain works best, we can create memorable and effective experiences.


Culture Calibrated

We believe in culture as a strategy. But the ideal Marine Corps culture might not work in the Peace Corps. That’s why we custom-craft our solutions…because finding the right calibration is what allows us to get people to where they want to be.


Performer Centered

All work starts with individual people. Great organizations are comprised of good people performing together at their best. Aligning values and beliefs at an individual level can drive engagement which drives behaviors and ultimately performance.