Innovation meets
high performance.

At TiER1, we’re deeply committed to interdisciplinary research. We’ve got a bunch of innovative ideas and some pretty smart people to study them and get those ideas jumping off the page and into practice. Factor in our deep business expertise and creative environment, and we believe it’s a unique equation for success.

We apply science, education, technology, and business know-how in inventive ways to improve the performance of people. The result is a slew of government research grants that put us on the front line of new thinking about performance.

Over the years, our research partners have gotten pretty fired up about the results of our work. (Us too.) We’ve developed technologies and methods to innovate and improve:

  • Accelerated learning and adaptive learning paths
  • Competency management
  • Knowledge management and domain analysis
  • Learning management systems
  • Performance assessment, cognitive modeling, and prediction
  • Performance support systems
  • Talent management

Wondering what this means for clients? Once we envision, pilot, and mature performance practices and models through research, we’re able to apply these findings to commercial solutions. The organizations who engage TiER1 benefit from this cutting-edge thinking. In the end, better performing people result in better performing organizations.

Our dynamic, collaborative team has a winning record in the federal government research space. We also partner with leading universities and research institutions for small business technology transfer (STTR) and other research opportunities. Our limit for the facilities and administration (F&A) rate that a university or institution can charge is 50%.

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Here are just a few client projects that have benefitted from ideas born, studied,
and nurtured in TiER1’s research arena:

To learn more about the thinking behind our research, view our published articles here.

Some of our work.

Check out our portfolio of federally-funded research grants that are contributing to improved performance around the world: