Working From Home

There’s no place like working from home.

We’re not in Kansas (or rather, our offices) anymore! The sudden shift in our way of working as a result of the nation’s response to COVID-19 has left many of us disoriented as we adjust to working from home. Working remotely is standard operating procedure at TiER1 Performance, and we’re glad to share the habits and best practices that help us thrive as individuals, succeed as teams, and lead no matter where we are.

Work-Life Unbalanced: Our Weekly Web Series

Episode 1

Best Practices From Experienced Remote Workers

Episode 2

The Making of a Highly Connected Virtual Team

Episode 3

Get Camera Ready and Perform at Your Best

Episode 4

Finding a New Rhythm

Episode 5

Trusting Virtually

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Are you feeling the challenges of working from home? Send your questions to our team to be addressed in our web series.

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