Getting Acquainted

Getting Acquainted:

We can’t wait
to meet you.

Striving to maximize performance? Passionate about your people? Staring down the barrel of a business challenge? We could talk to people like you all day—and we often do. We’d love to meet up to find out more about each other.

Some options 
for a get together:


Let’s Talk

Think of this as a coffee or happy hour discussion (it literally often is!). This is where we get to know each other for an hour or so. We’ll start with a high-level discussion of your business challenges and the areas you’d like to find a solution for. It’s an opportunity to trade points of views on people and performance in general. And we’d love to hear where you’re trying to head….maybe we’ve been there or know someone who has.


Art of the Possible

This is a chance for you to see our work, gain a better sense of our unique and collaborative culture, and meet passionate TiER1ers. At a half-day “Art of the Possible,” we offer you tangible examples of our past work. You’ll hear the stories that explain what our clients were facing, the solution they implemented, and the results they enjoyed. It’s a customized experience where we invite you to share your current plans, goals, and challenges to spur our collective thinking. You’ll leave excited about potential ideas to move your organization forward


Show and Discuss

Want the benefits of an “Art of the Possible” but not ready to commit to a half-day experience? (Although…we’ve never had anyone regret the commitment!) Either way, we’ve found that a “Show and Discuss” meeting can be a great middle ground. It’s a scaled-down version of the “Art of the Possible” that focuses specifically on one or two of your challenges. We can facilitate these sessions (usually one to three hours) at one of our offices or yours. And you still walk away with ideas for potential solutions.


Collaborative Design

Sometimes called a “jam session,” this is a chance for our team and your team to meet, get a sense of each other’s cultures, and riff on ideas. Lasting anywhere from two hours to half a day, this is an awesome, get-down-to-business experience where we deeply explore your challenges and craft on-the-spot options to address them. We’ll take our markers to the whiteboard, do a little improvisational solutioning, and better define your desired performance goals and outcomes. You’ll leave with a clearer picture of the road ahead and a better understanding of what it will take to walk the path.