Getting Results

Getting Results:

Think of us as
your sidekick

The biggest compliment you can give a TiER1er is to say we’ve added value. We’re ready to partner to pursue your goals, to advance your mission, and to help your people do their best work. Don’t be surprised when you find we’re always right there when you need us—sort of like the Robin to your Batman. We’re not in it for the glory. We’re in it to achieve results together.

Here’s how we do that (costumes not included):

Exploring with a D3: Discover, Define & Design

When your path forward isn’t well marked, engaging in a D3 is a great starting point. This “dip your toes in” engagement allows you to see how we work and where we add value. With your participation, we’ll explore your challenge and then design a solution to address it. Every D3 has a deliverable—an actionable “blueprint” showing you how to build your desired future state. And it’s not another binder to sit on your shelf—this is a visual depiction of your journey that’s easy to socialize for shared buy-in. It’s a plan you can implement with TiER1’s assistance by following your D3 with a Fixed Price Engagement or a TiER1 Co-Source. Alternatively, you can implement the solution yourself—it’s in your hands.

Delivering with a Fixed Price Engagement

If you know what solution you need, or have one mapped out via the D3 process, a fixed price engagement allows us to deliver on an agreed-upon scope of work. These can range from production of one or more eLearning modules to the development of an onboarding and mentorship program for your entire organization or the change management support for your multi-million-dollar, global system implementation. In any case, everyone knows upfront what the end result will be and what it will take to get there.

Innovating with a
TiER1 Co-Source

This is designed for the client looking to hire a unicorn. You know, that rarely glimpsed, multi-talented person who earns one salary, but performs the tasks of an instructional designer, communicator, technologist, change strategist, project manager, and oh, a graphic designer. A TiER1 Co-Source allows you to access consultant hours throughout the year, with the ability to change the skillset you need at any given point. Basically, our team becomes an extension of yours (and we take care of the hiring and benefits). This gives you the bandwidth and agility to tackle projects while maintaining the flexibility to pivot when your business needs change. Plus, you don’t have to go through the contract process for every individual project.

Every partnership is designed
to meet our clients where they are.
We create solutions around the results that you need to see.
Let’s talk if you’d like to see what an engagement could look like for you.