Getting Started

Getting Started:

No one ever
seems to want
“as slow as possible”

From the moment we’re introduced, we get pretty excited about helping in every way we can – and for most clients, that means moving quickly. When a speedy start is needed, we’re all in. That’s because we’ve figured out how to get your work up and running as quickly as possible without sacrificing creativity or customization in the process. Here’s how:


The TiER1 Process:
Discover, Define & Design – (D3 for short)

Whether you know the specific challenge you are facing or still need to define it, we dig right into the pursuit of clarity. A D3 allows us to immerse ourselves in your challenge, quickly discovering your current state and defining how you envision your future state. Then we collaborate, brainstorm, and strategize – working through a lot of ideas! – to ultimately design an experience that will get your organization from here to there. Think of this as combining a think tank, jam session, and 100-meter dash. In short, it’s intense. And most importantly, you’re in it with us. That’s how we partner directly with you to define a solution that fits.

Every D3 has a deliverable – an actionable “blueprint” showing you how to build your desired future state. It’s a visual depiction of your journey that’s easy to socialize for shared buy-in. It’s a plan you can implement with or without TiER1’s assistance.

In terms of timing, we develop a D3 timeframe and schedule that works for you. (The only thing we haven’t figured out is how to do this yesterday.)



We keep a few tricks up our sleeve – tools that help us increase client value and decrease delivery time while maintaining the personalized craftsmanship that we’re known for. We call these quick-start gems “accelerators” – because that’s exactly what they do. They are technology, process, and content frameworks that accelerate our ability to quickly build custom applications and portals for content, gaming, learning, and competency management. So your people get content delivered in a customized context just right for them; but you don’t have to invest the time and cost of starting from scratch.

Take a look at Our Products to learn more about the tools we use to create the most value and speed for your specific needs.


Let us know the best way to connect. Or give us a call at (859) 415-1000.