Our Products

High performance
requires power tools.

Custom craftsmanship doesn’t necessarily mean we work by hand. We have an inhouse collection of powerful tools—those that sharpen performance and pack an efficiency punch. Some we leverage. Some we’ve built ourselves. Either way, we use all of them to get a job done—and to get it done right (insert chainsaw sound-effect here).

Some of our products.


We’ve combined behavioral science with social game mechanics to create Adoptify, a fun, measurable, and integrated approach to change readiness. Your people play an online, team-based game to prepare them for change.

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We call this our spreadsheet on steroids. Originally made for curriculum designers to design great learning experiences, xMap turns information into insight. It slices and dices your data in ways that are nimble and manageable.

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Performance 1

This flexible, standards-based foundation for creating web apps and portals provides context for learning. Performance1 is used within numerous companies, but you’d never know it-every application is completely unique.

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Knowledge Guru

This game-based learning platform is ideal for organizations with fast product launch cycles or complex products that are difficult to learn. Your employees can interact with engaging programs that reinforce training, simplify onboarding, or introduce new procedures.

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Products we leverage.

Barrett Values

We love this diagnostic tool from Barrett Values Centre for measuring and managing organizational culture, values, and beliefs. It provides insights about your people and how to engage them.

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Zenger Folkman

This strengths-based leadership development program is about getting results by focusing on strengths. We’re completely in sync with this science-based approach to performance assessment, coaching, and development.

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Want to reveal how your people relate to each other and collaborate…or struggle to? We are a certified partner for facilitating this real-time tool for mapping team interactions to evaluate and measure communication goals.

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Strengths Finder

Using the Gallup Strengths Center resources, we advocate a strengths-based approach to performance improvement, so we’re all-in on this assessment that increases employee engagement by building on individual strengths.

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